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yay California! :) (an email I received) [01 Sep 2006|10:33pm]
Dear NRDC Action Fund Supporter,

This is the break we've been fighting for.

Yesterday in California, Governor Schwarzenegger and legislative leaders
reached historic agreement on a bill that will place tough controls on that
state's global warming pollution, with the ambitious goal of reducing carbon
dioxide emissions by 25 percent.

It's a spark that could ignite a nationwide chain reaction. With the Bush
Administration still stuck in do-nothing mode on global warming, dozens of
states have been looking to California to lead the way in combating the
greatest environmental threat of our time.

And California has delivered big time. The California Global Warming Solutions
Act will impose new controls on utilities, oil refineries, and other major
global warming polluters, with the ambitious goal of rolling back the state's
emissions to 1990 levels.

Co-sponsored by NRDC and Environmental Defense, this breakthrough bill will put
a market-based system in place that provides incentives to businesses to comply
with the new law and, just as important, that compliance will be closely

I don't have to tell you that old-line polluting industries fought this bill
tooth and nail. But thanks to your support, NRDC spearheaded a new and exciting
coalition of clean-tech companies, venture capitalists, local governments,
faith-based leaders and tens of thousands of citizens that won the day.

California's leaders saw the future and it was green. Global warming controls
won't just be great for the environment, they will be great for the state's
economy. This bill will allow California to start breaking its expensive
dependence on fossil fuels and lead a revolution in energy technology that will
create tens of thousands of jobs.

Who can doubt that other states will soon be racing to follow suit? A decade
from now, we'll look back at this historic agreement as the turning point in
America's long-overdue reckoning with catastrophic climate change.

Today the real work begins. NRDC is going to build on this historic victory --
state by state by state -- until the momentum is so overwhelming that Congress
will have no choice but to wake up and act.

Your support and activism has taken us this far. And we'll be counting on you
to stand with us throughout the long fight ahead -- until that inevitable day
when the President of the United States puts his or her signature on national
global warming legislation.


Frances Beinecke
Natural Resources Defense Council

. . .

If you want to read more about this important story, go to:
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[13 Jul 2006|10:22pm]
okay. so.
Today was one of the funniest shifts I've ever had in my life (of working at canadian tire.).. First of all, I had 8 customers my entire shift from 5-9. I usually average out on maybe 100 customers over a 4 hour shift, 200-300 on a normal full day shift 8-5. Then, Ben (a guy I work with) was the only guy in the department I was in tonight, and he told me he was going to break, so I was like, okay cool, I'll watch over the rest of the department (even though I'm the only cashier and couldn't leave my till). Then like over the next 15-30 minutes he was needed through other parts of the store, and he was called constantly over the radio, so he couldn't finish any of his break. Then like 30 minutes later another guy came up to me and said to tell Ben that when he (Ben) goes on break, to tell that guy. Well it was really funny only because Ben didn't even get to take his break, and the other guy was upset that he thought Ben didn't tell him. Well the only reason Ben didn't tell him was because he didn't even get to go on break, lmao. I tried telling the guy that but he was pretty stuck on the idea that Ben had just left and didn't come back for like a half hour... I didn't tell Ben anything about it--he worked hard all day, he didn't need any BS from anybody. But the funniest part was like, right after that guy came up to me and started complaining about Ben, Ben came up to me and said he hated how he couldn't finish his break.. it was just funny timing I guess. Anywho. I also got some bamboo cooking utensils today.. bamboo is good for the forests :) yay, hehe.
I'll be off to nurse my crushed finger now... it was caught in a safe/vault door thingie yesterday :( talk about like-30lb-on-one-fingertip OWWWW.
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[09 Jul 2006|10:35pm]
So I went to see An Inconvenient Truth on Friday. It's hosted by Al Gore & it's about global warming--a movie EVERYBODY should see. The sad thing is, on Friday night, 5 people including Mark & I (oh by the way, Mark came home early!) were there to see it. Pirates of the Carribean was sold out. As Mark & I were leaving, a woman came up to us and said "well now you know you are two out of five intelligent people in this entire Goddamn theatre", lmao. She thought it would be sold out & i was only hoping it would be. Pirates of the Carribean does look like a good movie, though--it's just a shame to see only 5 people there for the environmental movie. It reminds me of a time in high school, where people were at our school from Canada World Youth for 3 months trying to form a good activism/environmental/awareness committee in our school of about 700 students... and I was the only one to join it.
I could go on and on about what's going on in the world and what should be done about it, but I'd never stop.. for now I'll go figure out what my next step will be.
Take care guys.

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Just venting [03 Jul 2006|11:45pm]
Okay so I have this friend, right, and he's a really nice and smart guy. He's a really good cook and he knows how to take good care of plants (I know this cause he's got a [totally legal] healthy plant in his living room) and he's sophisticated, easy to talk to, motivated and has a good sense of humour.

I see him as a miracle. I see him as someone who has had a second chance at life and is taking his second chance at life as something not to be ever taken for granted. Mind you, he does smoke, but that's an addiction he found himself in through peer pressure to fit in a year or so ago. He's not a heavy smoker at all, and other than that he eats so well (hence him being a good cook) and exercises a lot on his bike and walks, like, everywhere.

This kid amazes me. I've tutored him a couple times and all he needs is to have someone there to be patient with him and guide him in things like math and science. When he's given the chance, he's a total genius. He's better at math and science than I am and I'm two academic years ahead of him.

You see, my friend has brain damage. A few years ago he was hit by a car while he was riding his bike, and he went into a coma for a week and came out of the coma with a 3% chance of survival.

Sometimes I feel like I'm one of the only people in this town who really see his potential. The smart, caring individual he is is seen by many as annoying, stupid and slow. He's so social that he's always out and meeting new people, but for some reason, this annoys people. His mother left him to fend for himself when he was 15 years old. His father lives across the country, and there have been problems with him too, but I'm not sure exactly what--but those problems are the reasons he had to move here. Since he moved here he's lived in atleast one or two foster homes and has been living in a facility for youths for the last few months--until June, when the government decided to help him fund his independence and have a place on his own. And yes, he has worked, but had to quit or else he would have been laid off anyway.

The only thing that really annoys me is the ignorance people have towards him, and people like him. On a microlevel, people who choose to judge others immediately are people who create hurt, depression and anger in the victim (and yes, the target of ignorance is a victim). Hurt, depression and anger that can lead to something much, much worse. On a macrolevel, these things lead to wars--and thousands, even hundreds of thousands, of deaths.

The sad thing is, no matter how many deaths there are, there are people who will still ignore the cries.
That's why there's no world peace.
It all starts with you.
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[28 Jun 2006|11:55pm]
okay now i'm worried

the Northeastern states are being flooded out like crazy

that's exactly where Mark is

and probably some of you guys


*cries* he has to come back home :(
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[25 May 2006|05:40pm]
now i'm babysitting a puppy... and have been called in to work.

Goodness gracious. Today has been hectic.
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[25 May 2006|01:49pm]
My grandfather passed away last week... =(
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[22 May 2006|10:11pm]
So i went for a soquid today.. not quite a solid, not quite a liquid. For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about, a Frosty from Wendy's. On my way back home from work, Mark and I decided to go for a little drive. At first we were gonna go for an appetizer (or two) at a resturant, but then it was closed so we went out for the frosty. While I was eating someone knocked on the window next to me.. of course it was my spontaneous friend Eric. That reminds me of the other day at work.. I was standing at my till and a man (with some kind of disability) came up behind me and didn't say anything, just stuck his hand out and was reaching out to me for like 20 seconds until I realized he was there... I turned around and almost shrieked because the look on his face was even freaky. But then I realized he was just waving to me (in a really odd way) and I just went back to business. You never know what's gonna happen, eh...

If anyone has any good websites that are based on environmentalism, let me know. I'm putting together an information booklet majiggie on things people can do to conserve & be nice to the planet =)

Anywho, my fingers are tired from entering in product numbers all day so I'm done this for now...

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[11 May 2006|12:15am]

What kind of civilization is this?
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[24 Apr 2006|12:16am]
Goodness gracious.

It's strange how timing works out sometimes.
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